package ideas and UX

We package ideas on behalf of our clients and make accessible,
the best qualities of what they have to sell.

A large part of that accessibility is best described in contemporary parlance as the User Experience or UX.

UX design is about designing the ideal experience of using a service or product.

This, in many ways, is a broader and more encompassing vision, which expands the Bauhaus Function and Form philosophy of the early 20th century.

It has its contemporary heart in the development of website interfaces. However, as Virtual fuses with Actual at an astounding rate, these insights, psychology, engineering, materials and design refinements are now fully integrated into day to day design requirements.

These are the fundamental discussions and decisions which shape our lifestyle, interests, purchasing, loyalty and environment and fuel our responses at every corner of our lives.

UX has become the key design element of marketing and branding.

It provides the convincing content which draws the consumer to the product’s ease of use and characterizes the brand as user-friendly.

At Presentimage® we have fostered a culture of holistic identity and brand development.

All of the elements of product, company and consumer must be at the forefront of strategy and design. UX is the linchpin of the process.  It tempers company identity and is dedicated to detail. It defines with clarity what the customer expects and receives, with consistency, from the brand, at every stage of their encounter.

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