Time to Refresh and Reinvent
When your business reaches its peak and everything from sales to enthusiasm begins to level out, it's Time to Refresh and in many cases Reinvent identities, brands and vision.

PresentImage® giving life to ideas

We develop a broad range of corporate identity programs,
brands, packaging  and communication tools


what that means to you

We are designers, information architects, 
authentic content creators and specialized image managers.
We enhance your market presence
strengthen your brand and engage your customers.


PresentImage plans for you, in the long term.

Our value is strategic as well as practical.
This approach sees the big picture and enhances the details.

We create a culture of meaningful, knowledge-driven dialogue
between your brand and your customers, through a well chosen
media mix, to foster confidence and maximize response.

Our focus is to give life to ideas that work and endure.



what is said

Michael Persaud
Managing Director,
East Caribbean Metals Industries Limited

Our cordial relationship, spanning over 20 years, has allowed us to develop excellent communication tools to penetrate a regional market.  

The key to the PresentImage experience is their attention to detail in print, video or online marketing and advertising, coupled with great ideas.  They listen to our concerns and recommendations and deliver consistently, in a timely manner.

Ken Da Silva Managing Director,
Mountain Top Springs Limited

PresentImage is our go-to for marketing, from drastic physical and digital re-branding, to seasonal custom labelling.  

We always entrust our most important public element - our face - to them, which we guard as an aesthetic manifestation of our key goals and values.  
We are consistently pleased with
the cost-effective, quality results.

Let's find the edge that sets you apart,  
identify the qualities and the differences, build & connect.

PresentImage. giving life to ideas

Welcome to DrumBraeGallery

This is a virtual gallery, featuring the work of Gordon Keddie,
professional artist, designer and creative director of PresentImage.

Mr Keddie's original artwork is available to all collectors, through this online facility,
or by private viewing, at Drum Brae House, St. Lucia, by appointment only.

Art Classes and Art for Hire are also available.

PresentImage. giving life to ideas

what we say

PresentImage. giving life to ideas
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Content travels
& discovery

would not be complete without our particular interpretation of Flipboard.  
This is a subtle but telling experience
in witnessing the choice of content
an individual makes as well as
the quality of content that is followed.

Identity at its most telling ... 
Welcome to our Perspectives.

We are passionate about how design and content influences business
& we write about it and other things which interest us.  
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PresentImage. giving life to ideas